Sunday, October 29, 2006

My prayer for today..

(1) I will practice Acceptance. Today I will accept people, situations, circumstances, and events as they occur. I will know that this moment is as it should be, because the whole universe is as it should be. I will not struggle against the whole universe by struggling against this moment. My acceptance is total and complete. I accept things as they are this moment, not as I wish they were.

(2) Having accepted things as they are, I will take Responsibility for my situation and for all those events I see as problems. I know that taking responsibility means not blaming anyone or anything for my situation (and this includes myself). I also know that every problem is an opportunity in disguise, and this alertness to opportunities allows me to take this moment and transform it into a greater benefit.

(3) Today my awareness will remain established in Defenselessness. I will relinquish the need to defend my point of view. I will feel no need to convince or persuade others to accept my point of view. I will remain open to all points of view and not be rigidly attached to any one of them.

Text taken from the book:The seven spiritual laws of success-Deepak Chopra


Wahan kaun hai tera ..
Musafir ...
Tu jayega kahan??
Dum le..lee gadi bar
Wahan kaun hai tera
Musafir ..
Tu jayega kahan??
Beeth gaye din ...
Pyaar ke panchi..
Sapna bani woh raatein
Bhool gaye woh ..
Tu bhi bulade..
Pyaar ki woh mulaketan
Sab duri aur andhera
Musafir ...
Tu jayega kahan?
Dum le lee.. gadi bar ..
Tu jayenga kahan..
Wahan kaun hai tera …………
Koi bhi teri raha na dekhae
Nayan bichai na koi
Dard se tera koi na tadpa
Aankh kiski na roi
Aankh kiski na roi
Kahin kisko tu mera
Kahin kisko tu mera
Musafir tu jayenga kahan??
Dum le lee gadi bar
Yeah chaya tu paayee ga kahan
Tu jayega kahan??
Kahte hain gyani
Duniya hain pani
Pani pe likhi likhai
Hey sab ki dekhi
Hey sab ki jaani
Haath kisiki na aayee
Haath kisiki na aayee
Kuch tera na mera
Tu jayega kahan
Dum le lee gadi bar
Tu jayega kahan???
Tu jayega kahan???
Wahan kaun hai tera....

This is one of my all time favourite songs.It is song sung by S.D.Burman.It is the title song in the movie Guide..The one thing I like about this song is the wisdom hidden in the song.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


I have been reading how an Integrated Circuit(IC) is developed.Its part of my course work in my masters.
A wafer which is the starting product of the IC is made into 1000's of IC's.It can be made into thousands of IC's.There is a process of repetition of the same principles again and again for all the IC's.This is a very technique used by nature to create every single existing element in our universe.Our world is a reproduction of a single idea done again and again...I sometimes wonder what is the use of multiplicity.But our eyes lie to us...Every single thing is unique and has got its unique features.A grain of sand has got its own individual smoothness and dislocations.We are caught in a never ending cycle of unique reproductions.This theory an be used to explain all kinds of theories starting from survival of the fittest to the explanation of ever expanding finite universe.
What is the eternal question is whether it would ever stop?
Mutations occur once in a while but problems like over population and scarity of food continue to effect our world.What are the possible solutions for such problems???
If global warming is occuring in Antartica then it should also effect the consciousness of the other part o fthe world.Selfishness should dissolve into global consciousness.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Love Love Love

To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering one must not love. But then one suffers from not loving. Therefore to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer. To suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love. To be happy then is to suffer. But suffering makes one unhappy. Therefore, to be unhappy one must love, or love to suffer, or suffer from too much happiness. I hope you're getting this down.

Woody Allen.

Suffering is one of the ways through which lessons are taught to us.Initially when I was a kid I used to think happiness and suffering work in cycles.If you had suffering in the initial years then later your life should be full of happiness and nothing else.But I have learnt to look at life in a very different perspective.Happiness is a state of mind and we control it.Life never gives us a option.We have the choice in our hands.Suffering and misery are few key things which help us break open the illusory obstacles.As we suffer there is a channel formed between the real self as the illusions are broken.There is a direct connection with the higher consciousness which expand our tiny lives to include the whole world.Sometimes I think if I never had bad experiences and miseries in my life I would never have learnt so much in my life.Nature makes us suffer ....thats what is the biggest illusion.We suffer most of the time because of ourselves.Our reactions to the lows of life is what gives birth to suffering.

Few ways which I have dealt with suffering:

Every fall you have has a lesson to be learnt.
Never get tired of learning.
Simplify..simplify ..simplify..Never let the small things which dont mean a lot effect you..bits of paper included..sorry money!!!!
Try to see the bigger picture.
Try to use wisdom and intution rather than status,degrees and money.
Dont expect a lot...
What ever you do ..have the principles/laws of living govern your life.
Any small job which you have to do with all you have got..Whatever you give is what comes back to you in return..
and finally...
Be strong...Nothing in the world can break the inner soul..May be circumstances can
effect you physically and emotionally but nothing can break into the inner sanctum which you have created...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Post Traumatic Stress

When the moments pass we think the trouble is over.Our mind can keep most of our stressful reactions ingrained in our subconscious.It is like a small part of our mind gets moulded to give the same reaction again and again under stressful conditions.We can change the way we react to situations and evolve a new circuitry for our impluses.This requires awareness.It also requires confrontation of the fear deep inside of us.We have to slide to the roots of the fear and shatter it.One of the methods used is flooding.To go back to the painful situation and turn yourself from a victim to the one in control.It is quite painful to go back miserable memories which torment us.But it is possible to change perceptions and it is also possible for us to heal.
“Be like the headland against which the waves break and break: it
stands firm, until presently the watery tumult around it subsides once
more to rest. ‘How unlucky I am, that this should have happened to
me!’ By no means; say, rather, ‘How lucky I am that this has left me
with no bitterness; unshaken by the present, and undismayed by the

Marcus Aurelius

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Not lonely anymore...

Empty lanes dont remind me of the past walks
Endless journeys into my heart dont remind me of the past
Rooms filled with memories dont haunt me
I am not lonely..I am cured
Memories have become friends
Dreams knock my door every night
I am not lonely anymore..
No soul torments my inner peace
Its only me everywhere
The endless music plays in my ears
My life sways to the dance of existence
I have learnt to focus on the moment
The beautiful wind doesnt fire up the jealousy
in my heart
The empty skies filled with blue
Deepens the happiness of living
If loneliness is a disease ..I am cured..
No desire creeps in me
A part of me which is already dead had disappeared
I am not lonely anymore
The stars tell me unending stories
The dark black above my head fills me with peace
Constellations have become gifts from the past
I dont need this unending pain
Its high time I let the tides leave
The moon with its brightness leave me puzzled
I am not lonely anymore...
I am not lonely anymore.....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Abstractness of God

As various colours fade into each other ..the lines get blurred even more.There is no start nor end to this process.Everything exists for a moment's glance.I was thinking about abstract painting and I felt the idea of God in my head.I dont question day and night about who governs this orderly chaos.A quiet appreciation for the illusion and faith in nature's laws are taking shape ..deep within my heart.I feel lost in the momentary satisfaction of the illusion.Some times when misery strikes I feel as if I am stuck in a bubble which may burst only when death arrives.
I react to every emotion which resides in my head.It is me who is pouring these colours into the universe.It is my consciousness which is blurring the lines.It is me who exists.I close my eyes I swing between momentary death and life.


What defines your worth as a human?
Most of the times I get carried away by the material fads of measuring worthiness.If there is a obstacle to measure the materialistic worthiness then the second criteria becomes physical beauty.The third measure comes from your personality.These measures are commonly used in our everyday lives.It was only when I was exposed to the backlashes of my bad judgment did I realize that there is only one and only one measure for a human.The measure is character.A piece of diamond shinning in the coal can be sifted through the rubble very easily.It is very hard to judge a person's character.If only we are true to ourselves only then we can see the irregularities in the other soul.It is way too easy to contaminate our life .What we are going to be is decided by the people we surround ourselves with.It takes lot of determination to say no to foolish concepts of present pleasure.Long term happiness is got only when we invest our time and energy to mould a beautiful heart worthy of experiencing the greatness of life.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


This is one of life's greatest mysteries.As the sands of time slip through your very fingers you wonder "What is life all about?".

Managing time is one of the most difficult things to do.Past few days I have observed that in my life there is a general disorder and I am not having time even to breathe.The burn out which occurs in everyone's life is a red alert for danger.Not being able to do things which produces lasting happiness is a human's biggest failure.Time cannot be managed by keeping a list of activities which we want to do.Like a dictator we can never always run a tight schedule.The only way time can be managed properly will be when our prorities are laid out straight.When our inner compass has a strong inclination of making us enlightened beings would naturally control the negative desires which eat away our present time .To reach this stage we must consciously accept our own faults and learn to appreciate ourselves and give a chance for further growth.To reach a stage of constant growth is to be at the middle stage.At one end there are people who have their lives planned out and if there is any misalingment there is huge distress.At the other end there are people who live a aimless life and let life carry them -these are the people who dont have strong inner principles to guide them.
The middle way is always the best way sometimes.We have to have strong inner conviction ,values and also we should start enjoying sailing as life carries us around.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The hardest part

The hardest part was letting go and not taking part
its the hardest part
And the strangest thing was waiting for the bell to ring..
it was the strangest thing..
And the silver lining in the cloud
I wish that I could work it out
The hardest part was that you broke my heart
I try to sing and I couldn’t sing
could'nt do anything
It was the hardest part
And the silver lining in the cloud
Oh and I …Oh and I
And I wonder what its all about..
I wonder what its all about..
Everything I do is wrong
Everything I do comes undone
Everything is hard …hard ..hard
It’s the hardest part
ya ..thats the hardest part…

it is the lyrics of the song the hardest part by the band coldplay..

Monday, October 02, 2006

The unique puzzle.

When the cold winds leave red scars on your face
when the scorching heat leaves you burnt
When the rains flood your life
The ever prevailing pain never dies
I sit under the banyan tree ...I close my eyes
The darkness swings me in so many directions
My hunger has left me half dead
I close my eyes..I fall in love with darkness
I have a longing for a drop of water
The darkness provides me comfort
I wait for time to pass through
The dimensions of my own self has vanished
My own entity has disappeared
The cold winds become my shelter from scars
The sun with his brightness brings hope
The rains purify my very soul
the ant which gets crushed under my feet
Sends signals of pain right through my heart
The lonely bird with no food
brings in pain in my body
The lonely dejected souls become a part of my extended body
I dont know why the darkness has bought this illusion
I worried for my misery ..It showed me darkenss
I drowned in it
Now everyone's pain is mine ..I revel in their joy
I have become one..
The ego has died
I accept ..i continue..
I sit under the banyan tree ..I close my eyes!!!


What is the one thing which drives you to achieve what you want?


Constantly we see our own negative points and wish only if we could change ???Effort does not lead to any positive result.The biggest motivator is pain.Not pleasure,money,fame or any other kind of self satisfying desire.We need to want it so badly that it troubles you to the extent that you change yourself.I have been struggling with so many new changes in my life and they would have never materialized if there was no pain.If there was misery in my life I have driven myself to see peace and embrace it.The guilt and the shame of my own emotional being has motivated me to do something.The working of motivation always works from inside out.The inner being should have a marked change in perspective and a shift in consciousness or else the change will be momentarily marked change is to change the inner most ingrained behavior and attitude.
Consistency and positive affirmation goes a long way in what we become.Every single time we make a wrong choice which goes against our best interests there is a small part of you which burns itself to death.When we violate and cause harm to ourselves we are giving rise to self hate.This shows in various ways in our life in the way we address our hopes ,desires and puts deep wrinkles in our forehead as we grow old.
But we dont know the true from the false by just reading bunch of books or by looking at others life..the soul has to go through the journey then we realize the potential we have in ourselves to achieve greatness and reach the plane when everything we do is like a ripple starts from you ...doing good ..and then spreads itself in all directions to help humanity...the nature and on whole the vast world..All great people have achieved it through the tools of honesty,belief,ability to bear failure and constant struggle to hold truth in their hearts...