Sunday, October 15, 2006

Not lonely anymore...

Empty lanes dont remind me of the past walks
Endless journeys into my heart dont remind me of the past
Rooms filled with memories dont haunt me
I am not lonely..I am cured
Memories have become friends
Dreams knock my door every night
I am not lonely anymore..
No soul torments my inner peace
Its only me everywhere
The endless music plays in my ears
My life sways to the dance of existence
I have learnt to focus on the moment
The beautiful wind doesnt fire up the jealousy
in my heart
The empty skies filled with blue
Deepens the happiness of living
If loneliness is a disease ..I am cured..
No desire creeps in me
A part of me which is already dead had disappeared
I am not lonely anymore
The stars tell me unending stories
The dark black above my head fills me with peace
Constellations have become gifts from the past
I dont need this unending pain
Its high time I let the tides leave
The moon with its brightness leave me puzzled
I am not lonely anymore...
I am not lonely anymore.....


Anonymous said...

Just a wonderful poem or song or whatever. Thanks

astrocrazy2005 said...

Its a poem written by me.

velval said...

hey, gud one....

astrocrazy2005 said...

Anonymous and velval...
thank u

KP said...

Loved this poem....Its different and wonderful :)