Thursday, October 26, 2006


I have been reading how an Integrated Circuit(IC) is developed.Its part of my course work in my masters.
A wafer which is the starting product of the IC is made into 1000's of IC's.It can be made into thousands of IC's.There is a process of repetition of the same principles again and again for all the IC's.This is a very technique used by nature to create every single existing element in our universe.Our world is a reproduction of a single idea done again and again...I sometimes wonder what is the use of multiplicity.But our eyes lie to us...Every single thing is unique and has got its unique features.A grain of sand has got its own individual smoothness and dislocations.We are caught in a never ending cycle of unique reproductions.This theory an be used to explain all kinds of theories starting from survival of the fittest to the explanation of ever expanding finite universe.
What is the eternal question is whether it would ever stop?
Mutations occur once in a while but problems like over population and scarity of food continue to effect our world.What are the possible solutions for such problems???
If global warming is occuring in Antartica then it should also effect the consciousness of the other part o fthe world.Selfishness should dissolve into global consciousness.


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