Sunday, August 01, 2010

Shapes and Forms

The judgements we dont voice out and which are kept shrouded in shame sometimes shape the bias in our beliefs.As a spiritual seeker I have learnt to watch my own reactions.Its painful to see the root of some of my beliefs.

Some of them stem from complexes which are got from negativity.
Some are got from movies and fairy tales.
Some are got from positive people who have influenced my life.

Its a nerve racking process to break and go underneath some of my complex insecurities.But is it necessary to dig and find out our innate behavioural pattern.Is it necessary to contemplate on our own.In Vipassana Meditation terms ,is it required to perform our own "Mind surgery".The release of patterns which are in built and auto pilot is mandatory for everyone.If that does not happen we repeat the same patterns which have harmed us in the past.Personally,I have benefited a lot from this approach.Its like a emotional baggage which is thrown off instantly when you realize the triggers.