Saturday, November 29, 2008

The hole in your soul

there is always something missing in our lives.When will contentment come.Will it ever come.May be contentment is an illusion.As long our life exists I guess there will always be a hole which needs to be fulfilled by soem desire or the other.

Emotional Help

Emotional help is seen as the best kind of support you would give someone you care about.Lately I have realized that doing it every time, we harm the person rather than help them.I have always observed that in myself and others,that when we don't mature and evolve we repeat the same mistakes again and again.
For example:
If a person has a problem confronting someone and redefining what they want...
"You do it for them"
It may boost your self esteem or make you feel proud that you are taking good care.But your help has actually left them with nothing to work on.If they fall into the same situation again,if I have self esteem issues or if I find my personal value comes from helping them ...I go and solve the problem..This is a vicious circle and this kind of dependency leaves no space for personal growth.Support should be in giving pointers not solving the problem.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i am running out of titles

Every interaction,every relationship gets with it a baggage which we should accept.Our parents,friends and other associates come with it and we have to calmly accept them.There is no way that a person who exits in this world can live in isolation without human interaction.Even if it is possible to live in isolation, the mind will create identities within ourself so that a relationship which exits irrespective of the person is kept alive.We all have to take a sip of poison.We can choose the brand of posion we want to gulp down.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Dither is an intentionally applied form of noise, used to randomize quantization error, thereby preventing large-scale patterns such as contouring that are more objectionable than uncorrelated noise. Dither is routinely used in processing of both digital audio and digital video data, and is often one of the last stages of audio production to compact disc.

Found this in a technical paper when I was doing some research on Dither.It gives us an idea how our brain uses the sense organs and distorts information.

Our brains are quite good at ignoring unimportant things. For example, you walk into someone's house and you smell a new smell - the way that house smells. After 5 minutes you don't smell it anymore. The smell hasn't gone away - your brain just ignores it when it realizes that it's a constant. The same is true of analog tape noise. If you're like most people you pay attention to the music, you stop hearing the noise after a couple of minutes. Your brain is able to do this all by itself because the noise is unrelated to the signal. It's a constant, unrelated sound that never changes with the music and is therefore unrelated - the brain decides that it doesn't change so it's not worth tracking. Distortion is something different. Distortion, like noise, is typically comprised entirely of unwanted material (I'm not talking about guitar distortion effects or the distortion of a vintage microphone here...). Unlike noise, however, distortion products modulate with the signal. Consequently the brain thinks that this is important material because it's trackable, and therefore you're always paying attention.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Highs and Lows

Osho says sadness is always real because its our own.

Happiness looks as if its a dream sequence.We sometimes need to pinch ourselves hard to know that we are not dreaming.What makes us happy is a projection of the society.Cave men would have been happy if they killed a huge buffalo.Our happiness lies in conservation of the disappearing buffaloes.Sometimes we feel that both happiness and sadness are an illusion.But misery hits you hard because no one comes to share it with you.Society is built by people who win.So that thought process is inbuilt in us and that makes sorrow very painful.Happiness should also be painful because it passes away so fast.But the applause and the congratulations from people takes us into a drug induced state where we feel we have really done something significant.


Auden wrote:
"O God put away justice and truth for we cannot understand them and do not want them.Eternity would bore us dreadfully.Become our uncle.Look after baby,amuse grandfather,introduce Muriel to a handsome officer.Be interesting and weak like us and we will love you as we love ourselves."

Our human existence is marked by the pursuit of power.The God's we pray to, are powerful.We like only God's who can slay a million devils with a single blow.We don't like weak people.The weak people are the evil people(demons/evil forces) who get defeated by strong people(God)
Worship in most religions is the prayer for power.We want to get promotions so that our fellow employees can be looked down upon.Want a bigger car so that we look with pity on the homeless.Pursuit of power through prayer,money,status,education and work is defined as success in the modern world.We all become powerful from the inside and the outside world.But the most important thing is how we use the power.I am not going to be a simplistic moralist who says power should be used for the good.But to me the true test is how we handle the power.When the power is used to manipulate,the greatest losses occur.When the course of nature is changed we always are doomed.