Monday, November 27, 2006

My art...

I always wanted to be a painter.But as life would have its way..i am an electrical engineer.But I still thought I could make it..But creativity in me is dying..I dont know how...A slow death..Past few months I am not able to paint at all..After many months of desperation I was finally able to get my artistic ability to produce something worthwhile...It was all possible because of few online websites which gives people like me a chance to experiment ..or to prevent a part of creativity from dying..
Here is the link....

1.Love and only love

2.Wild flowers..

3.White and orange bloom

4.Wine and only wine

Pavlov's experiment

This experiment was one of the important foundations in psychology.It desribed the unconditioned responses and deep impulses we have as living beings.I have myself found that in many instants we use these responses.I am not one of those people who studies psychology,but as a hobby I do read much of the interesting literature available.
Reflex action is one of the response which nature has given us to protect ourselves from danger.There is also the fight or flight phenomena which we use when we are in danger or high stress.But what I find is interesting is that many of the activities which we do on daily basis becomes a conditioned response.For example switching on the television once you enter the room.Hunger pangs as you return home .These responses are very difficult to be broken.I do suffer from short span of attention only when I watch television, but other times when I need prolonged concentration at work or for my school work(master's)I dont have any diversions.This find for myself is so scary because we cannot control our own moods or reactions for many situations if we dont analyse who we are regularly.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Dont carry it forward...

This post is partially inspired by the post I read on Libran Lover blog.

We live our lives sometimes stuck in the memories of the past.We tend to think every single person is the same.Each time someone wrongs us ,takes us for a ride we tend to imagine that others will do the same.History may repeat itself..Only if we dont learn from our mistakes.The next person who comes along after the bad stuff is the target of our hatred sometimes.They shower us their love and affection but the only thing we give them back is painful memories.This cruelity is sometimes actually a protective sheild so that we dont get too close to the person.To me personally ,it takes for ever to wipe out the anger and hatred .It stagnates in my heart and makes me turn sometimes into a monster.But after self examination and tons of sorry's I have distributed to my friends I have realised that we need to let go of perfection from our parts .We make mistakes and that is human .We tend to meet wrong people and still make them enter our closed spaces.But we learn ..We judge ..We surrender and hope that love will cancel the hate.That the enemy who destroyed us will suffer the pangs of hate they created in us.We forgive and we never carry it forward.Find a good day and bury all the memories in the soil so that nature can work its wonders and make life spring out of it!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

First step.....

The first step is the hardest ..
It takes a alignment of who you are and what you really want to achieve.
Once you get into the flow of doing it..everything becomes easy..
A month passes away and it becomes a habit ...
Years pass away and it becomes a trait..
The first step is the hardest.

Friday, November 10, 2006


I read this article online(few months back) and I thought it was pretty interesting.I dont exactly know from which site I got this article.But I thank the author for such a beautiful expression of our worlds.

I think people in relationship with us will always be compelled to show us to ourselves. I have seen many people change mates only to see the same problems appear in the new ones.If your romantic relationship situation improves, it's a sure sign that you have changed something within yourself for the better.

Our worlds are our concepts of self and life made visible. We want someone to lean on, to entertain us, to make our lives exciting. We don't want to take the responsibility of doing it for ourselves. This short circuits our sovereignty and will end in disappointment.When we work on becoming a self sufficient, self entertaining, self exciting human being, we begin to attract mates of a higher caliber in the food chain of life.

When we sit and wait for someone else to bring us this magnificent package of compatibility we don't realize that they are the delivery man carrying a giant mirror. These others in our lives are made of reflective glass not flesh and blood.
Don't accept the appearance for the reality. The senses deliver a hopelessly skewed version of reality and can't be trusted.

Marriage has utterly failed as an institution because it arranges unions of convenience and convention. The true purpose of union is to be mutually clear and accurate reflectors of each other to facilitate self understanding, to be able to see what you are throwing out there. The contents of our consciousness is much too near to see and understand until we project and dramatize it onto the screen of space and time, into the multiplicity of relationship for our viewing pleasure.

When the other persons behavior is bothersome it should throw up a flag for self examination for the source of the displeasure. We are at the creative center of our own realities laboring under the illusion of separation. All we see is an extrusion of our self laid out into the world around us. The very purpose of the illusion of relationship, or the myth of otherness, is to enable the understanding and definition of ourselves.

Popular song and culture has us thinking that we are nothing without some mystical "other half" that will complete us. Wake up and shake yourself, you are dreaming. If you want sanity, compatibility and joy in a relationship then get your own house in order. These elements have to be arranged first within your own consciousness, then all who are in relationship will under compulsion, reflect these back to us.

Chuck (

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No second chances...

In the commandments this is what is written..
You can break against the law...but the law never breaks...

So many times I see people trying to organise their lives by getting a number of succesful achievements under their belt.But I believe that the foundation is the most important thing.Any success is hollow if it is done by using the wrong way.You can never have a honest dealing with yourself ,if you cheat someone else.Life is a circle ..that was one of the quotations used by my friend.According to him you keep zero-ing on the same situation again and again till you get it right.

You keep feeling guilty for all the people you wronged.You need to pay a price for all the mistakes you made.Everything is put up on scales for judgement.

This is where the difficult part comes in.Life does not give you so many chances.The determination and influence of your mind in carving out your life is important.When you dont acheieve this stagnates.Your happiness becomes a distant dream.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

faltering steps...

I find everyone around me talking about stability in their lives and careers .According to them it is the unseen safe future where nothing becomes an obstacle for human existence.Everything is a smooth walk towards the ever so happy gleaming future.Our existence, now this moment is a fanatic preparation for the glorious future.What if our lives end as this very single moment.This single moment becomes the end of our preparation.I have always lived a goal oriented life .My goals were defined by the materialistic needs of my future.

The new definition of a goal which I discovered "is that it is not a specific destination but a way of life."

I have realised the power of the unknown.
I dont want to ruin this perfect moment thinking about all the unknown difficulties of the future.
I dont want to take life seriously .
I want to slip into the unknown.
I dont want to plan ahead my whole life.
I dont want that life should turn out exactly as my silly mind think's at this very moment.

The catch with this kind of philosophy is that there are no second guess's as there are no far and wide plans.

Then as any orgainsed person would !!! interrupt my logic...
How do you achieve something when you dont plan ahead?

Deep within our hearts there lies a hidden glow .This symbolic light is the light of knowledge.It is the purpose with which we have been born in this crazy mixed up world.But it is very difficult for us to find the destination because continously we control ourselves and dont give a small opening for the uncertainity to peak in.Many times life itself pushes this uncertainity by giving us miseries and life changing obstacles.As we suffer under the torture of the circumstance,we learn to surrender.We learn to just flow with life rather than make our own plans.Then the goals(as previously defined)continously change and are made by our own choice.Can this goal change our destination and turn the eternal cycle upside down...

Yes!!!we torment ourselves and we imprison ourselves...We hold on to so much when our palms are so small..

Let us not blame the ever changing tides for our misfortune ..
Let us not take our wrath on mother nature
Let us not search for happiness through the world
When it can be found in the hidden depths of our hearts.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Critical remarks...

If knives can scare you and drain out your blood ...
you have to hide yourself
from the cruel insults of the humans
It tears your heart and leaves deep scars
No amount of love can heal the wounds
Why does the cruel mind destroy
every single joy
Why does human indulge in nasty lies.
If truth were that what you think
Its lies only ...If you can judge...
The ever changing seasons welcomes the soul
Which can hide the anger and only give hope...