Monday, October 02, 2006

The unique puzzle.

When the cold winds leave red scars on your face
when the scorching heat leaves you burnt
When the rains flood your life
The ever prevailing pain never dies
I sit under the banyan tree ...I close my eyes
The darkness swings me in so many directions
My hunger has left me half dead
I close my eyes..I fall in love with darkness
I have a longing for a drop of water
The darkness provides me comfort
I wait for time to pass through
The dimensions of my own self has vanished
My own entity has disappeared
The cold winds become my shelter from scars
The sun with his brightness brings hope
The rains purify my very soul
the ant which gets crushed under my feet
Sends signals of pain right through my heart
The lonely bird with no food
brings in pain in my body
The lonely dejected souls become a part of my extended body
I dont know why the darkness has bought this illusion
I worried for my misery ..It showed me darkenss
I drowned in it
Now everyone's pain is mine ..I revel in their joy
I have become one..
The ego has died
I accept ..i continue..
I sit under the banyan tree ..I close my eyes!!!

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