Monday, May 21, 2007


The preconceived thought process stops us from attaining what we truly deserve to get.This thought process is called as FEAR.We suffer and we torture ourselves with hundreds of possible outcomes for a single obstacle we come across.Even a super computer cannot claculate the abrupt posssiblities we think of.But the mind is nothing but a logical device and the thought is nothing but the output we obtain.The concept of fearlessness in certain situations is quite possible.Fear can be destroyed by using few simple techniques.First we have to understand the limitness of our physical existence.In our own finiteness the fear looks even more small and ignorable.But our deep seated insecurities of life like trust,security,loyality and love can only be erased when we unconditionally give this to everyone.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Enviornment and its conditions

Are we subjected to conditioning everyday. Many will agree that the reason we behave and act in a certain way is because of conditions based on “n” number of environmental factors. Starting from the country we are born into, the parents we are born to, our educational pursuits, our freinds,our enemies,our careers,the money we have, and the list can go on forver.We never trust other people because someone cheated us.We dont share our happiness because in the past we got only pain.We hurt ourselves because we feel we don’t deserve good things in life.We sacrifice for foolish reasons.

I truly beleive that saints are not born in luxury.There is this false assumption in us that we cannot escape our own conditions.But if we study the past and trace all the greatness which was born out of suffering we will be amazed.Life has a meaning even though we suffer.The tragedies don't stop us from realizing who we are.We in our minds and hearts make up obsatcles which stop us.Victor Frankyl,Nelson Mandela,Mother teresa and many more people can be taken as examples in this regard.

If God can be found in the houses of the poorest of the poor .
If prisons and concentration camps can give you hope to live till you are 100 .
I don't know why psychologists and philosophers waste their time making theories about conditioning and impulses.

Is silence the best answer

Most of the difficult questions dont have a answer.

Why does this happen and why does'nt that happen?
Why is the world this way and not better?
Why are people so selfish?
Why do I always think about myself?
Does my life have a meaning?

So many questions and one beautiful answer silence.

Its so scary to be silent because may be you realize that answers don't matter.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hope and Prayer

Two of the guys in my university drowned in the pool near my apartments.They were totally drunk.They were college going kids(hardly 23 yrs old).They were international students doing their masters in engineering and management.

I was shocked to hear the news.One of them is my classmate.Drinking in many of the universities is considered to be a very casual thing.No one is serious about the consquences.Sometimes small mistakes have huge consquences.I pray for their families in India and may god give them the courage and hope to withstand the pain.

Be careful when you drink.

Sometimes a drink here and a drink there can cost a life.

Lets their souls rest in peace!!!

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Aloneness is the first lesson of Love

I found this article..Felt it resonates with what I feel as one of the biggest problems of our time..

Without the other we don't know who we are, we lose our identity. The other becomes a mirror and we can see our faces in it. Without the other we are suddenly thrown to ourselves.We are greatly inconvenienced because we don't know who we are when we are alone. With the other, things are clear, defined. We know the name, we know the form, we know the person — Hindu, Christian, Indian, American — there are some ways to define the other How to define yourself?

Deep down there is an abyss... undefinable emptiness. You start merging into that. It creates fear. You become frightened. You want to rush towards the other. The other helps you to remain out. When there is nobody you are simply left with your emptiness.Nobody wants to be alone. The greatest fear in the world is to be left alone. People do a thousand and one things just not to be left alone.You imitate your neighbours so you are just like them.

You lose your individuality, you lose your uniqueness, you just become imitators, because otherwise, you will be left alone. You become part of a crowd, a church, an organisation. Somehow you want to merge with a crowd where you can feel at ease, so that you are not alone.To be alone is really the greatest miracle. That means now you don't belong to any church or organisation, you don't belong to any theology or ideology — socialist, communist, fascist, Hindu, Christian, Jain, Buddhist — you don't belong, you simply are.

And you have learnt how to love your indefinable, ineffable reality. You have come to know how to be with yourself.

Loneliness is absence of the other

Loneliness is absence of the other. Aloneness is the presence of oneself. Aloneness is very positive. It is an overflowing presence.You are so full of presence that you can fill the whole universe with your presence and there is no need for anybody.If the whole world disappears this zen master will not miss anything; he will be as happy as ever. He will love that tremendous emptiness, this pure infinity.He will not miss anything because he has arrived home. He knows that he himself is enough unto himself.

This does not mean that a man who has become enlightened and has come home does not live with others. In fact, only he is capable of being with others.Because he is capable of being with himself he becomes capable of being with others. If you are not capable of being with yourself, how can you be capable of being with others?A man who loves his aloneness is capable of love, and a man who feels loneliness is incapable of love. A man who is happy with himself is full of love, flowing.

He does not need anybody's love, hence he can give. When you are in need how can you give? You are a beggar. And when you can give, much love comes towards you.It is a natural response. The first lesson of love is to learn how to be alone. Try it, to have the feel. Just sit alone sometimes. That's what meditation is all about — just sitting alone, doing nothing.

If you start feeling lonely then there is something missing in your being, then you have not been able yet to understand who you are.Then go deeper into this loneliness until you come to a layer when suddenly loneliness transforms itself into aloneness. Loneliness is the negative aspect of aloneness.If you go deeper into it one moment is bound to come when suddenly you will start feeling the positive aspect of it. Because both aspects are always together.

Excerpted from The Discipline of Transcendence, courtesy Osho International Foundation.

Obstacles in Action

What happens when we become more aware of our actions.When we realize the result of our actions and try to see that we don't go against our own convictions.We begin a new battle.The battle is with our inner obstacles.The whole world gets turned inward and we realize everything we saw outside also exists in us.
I don't believe that anything can be done with hatred.To hate and to rebel it may never lead anyone towards liberation.Only acceptance may do that.Detachment may get us closer to the required result.

It took me a thousand steps to reach the cliff
I saw the peak and was scared
My own ignorance made me slip a million steps
But I did not give up
I was patient
Then one day I was there...
I was standing on the highest point ..
Then my eyes went above me
I saw a series of cliffs higher than mine
I started climbing ....

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Obstacles in Realization

As always the obstacle to realization is desire.We all have desires and it may be sometimes very difficult to renounce them.The test for desire lies in permanence.Many times we desire things/goals which are impermanent. Our being can't understand the reason for this attraction,but we are attached to it.The easiest way to realize our true selves is acceptance.The acceptance of desire.This in turn reduces the amount of fuel put into the attachment and we can continue to desire things which are impermanent by nature.