Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Shape of Suffering

Suffering is one of the most common ingredients of our desire.Even-though suffering can never be avoided in our lives,we can learn to use suffering to our benefit.The causes of suffering are mostly geared towards our need for permanence.Religious doctrine does mention the causes of suffering and sometimes gives few quick fixes.But only we ourselves through constant contemplation can find out the reasons for our suffering.To develop the required skill set to deal with suffering requires lots of patience.Trial and error process works perfectly.We can try a path ,then give it up..if it does not reduce suffering.The most important thing that I am working on is to reduce the suffering I induce on others(knowingly or unknowingly)

There are lot of books which say that when we heal the world,we heal ourselves.Many of my desires which cause suffering can be divided into two categories...


Primitive desires are wired inside me.I cannot change them in my lifetime.I can try to reduce the extent how much they alter my outlook.Induced desires are the main culprits.The desires which were induced by society or my surroundings are not long lasting.What I desperately wanted in the past year...I detest the sight of it now.The desire gripped me,then left me.I feel prioritizing the desires would do the trick in most cases.But delaying the gratification may be the solution.

Thanissro Bhikku talks about the skills which are required to remove suffering.He says that the mind is unable to see beyond the instant gratification.The long term effects can never be seen by the mind.That is also the psychology of addicts.