Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Everlasting

To be immortal and never to die,brings on such grief.The beauty of death is underestimated by the ignorant world.
"The Everlasting " is a movie about a family who discover the spring of immortality.The movie portrays the sorrow of the family who see everyone die,but they somehow have to live on for centuries.There is one scene in the movie, where they protagonist tells a girl about the wheel of life.The beauty of life according to him lies in change.The constant rejuvenation of birth and death is what makes life so beautiful.
Death has the ability to wipe the slate clean.
There is also a mythical story on the same lines from a European legend.It tells the story on a old man who has the ability to see death.He one day captures death in a bag and keeps death under house arrest.The whole world was first in joy at the sudden disappearance of death.Then people started crying on his doorstep to release death.They wanted to be reborn and start again.

The movie "The Everlasting " was inspired from a book with the same title.

The importance of Silence

Silence is such a vital part of everyday life.Without silence,our minds wont be able to comprehend the vast sector of information which is given to us daily.Appreciation of silence should be taught to everyone, from a very young age.When the external noise is switched off,the mind does not become automatically quiet.The battle to quieten the mind, just starts.The only reason people shun away from silence is that, it brings all the emotions which we have kept hidden.
Fear,loneliness,despair,joy and issues about identity can come with a force when we are silent.
There is no way to deal with everything at the same instant.Sometimes you have to just let it pass by.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What does Success Mean to You???

A very tough question to crack!!!!

Success is a multifaceted, personal concept. By defining what that concept represents to you personally, and by taking the time to write it down, you will automatically move your life in that direction.

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I try to realize that I should not get threatened by other's priorities.From a very young age,I have seen people who shove their views about success upon others.As a undergraduate,I was told how being a software engineer was a mark of success.I was ostracized by well meaning adults who thought that, I was making the biggest mistake of my life not attending software job interviews.I am glad I followed my heart and did other things which fulfilled me as a individual.(Art,Astronomy,Music,Literature)
Many of my friends laughed at me when I spent hours pouring on books in British Library. But those experiences have made me a better person.My affirmations everyday used to be
"I wont make deals with the devil " ...."I wont sell my soul for pieces of paper."
It is so important in life to chalk down priorities which give us happiness.If you want to be financially stable,then it is necessary to write down a hard number which gives you a sense of security.
I dont say that it's going to be easy journey.But a hard look at yourself will save time from chasing the mirages which promise happiness.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tailoring Your Own Education

I am a firm believer that we can learn on our own.
I started to wonder why do we need universities in the first place???
Universities existed for a long time.Nalanda university in India can be compared to MIT in the present world.The methods of teaching have come a long way.Now a days with open source text books and lectures available online we can equip ourselves with greater amount of knowledge.
But real life problems cannot be solved alone.We need to connect with people who have treaded the path before.As Scott Berkun says in his book "The Myths of Innovation" ,the lone inventor has to stand on the shoulders of earlier inventors.Most of the time its not a lone inventor...But a bunch of people (hundreds of people) working towards a solution.
We have to build our lives in a world which is filled with people who have different ideas.IQ alone cannot help anyone.So a degree in any profession can be helpful if we are lucky.

I am indeed very grateful to few good professors I had met during my undergraduate and graduate courses.(Even though there were few ,who made my life a living hell)
The input from people you work with is such a important factor in our lives.