Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Abstractness of God

As various colours fade into each other ..the lines get blurred even more.There is no start nor end to this process.Everything exists for a moment's glance.I was thinking about abstract painting and I felt the idea of God in my head.I dont question day and night about who governs this orderly chaos.A quiet appreciation for the illusion and faith in nature's laws are taking shape ..deep within my heart.I feel lost in the momentary satisfaction of the illusion.Some times when misery strikes I feel as if I am stuck in a bubble which may burst only when death arrives.
I react to every emotion which resides in my head.It is me who is pouring these colours into the universe.It is my consciousness which is blurring the lines.It is me who exists.I close my eyes I swing between momentary death and life.

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