Friday, January 29, 2010

Ingmar Bergman

I had to dedicate a post on my blog for the great movies which Ingmar Bergman had directed.Even though I dont understand Swedish language the stories are universal and the questions are eternal.Some of his earlier movies just blew my mind away.Some movies try to give solutions to complex philosphical problems.Ingmar tries to make us understand the questions better.The seventh seal reminds me of my own set of questions which bombard me again and agian.Search for the truth and meaning of existence which the knight asks in the movie is replied only by silence.Even though death comes and defeats him in his play,he tries to save others even during his last chess game.

Art exists to make us understand that mystery and truth are the two sides of the same coin.The pain which goes in trying to expalin what our minds cannot comprehend can be transferred only through art.Beauty is not a creation of style or time,it is the product of mystery.All art forms should lead us closer to oursleves and closer to the reality which exists in us.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Being idle is seen as the evil twin of hardwork. But I think idleness is very important in everyday life.Not only it is important in clearing out the mind,it also is one of the most efficient problem solving techniques.One of the career improvement books I have read suggest employees to stare at the (cube's) wall.This may look like absurd advice.But may be if staring at a wall can destroy our crazy pace at which things go ….
Why not try it???
If  we have reached a deadlock in our career or can make no sense of how life is taking us,Idle-ness is the only hope we have.The first sabatical I took was even when I was 17.I was disillusioned by the education system and my desire to be better than others made me contemplate tougher entrance exams.But the idle time helped me understand myself better.The next time I had the opportunity to take a break was after I completed my engineering.This period was another soul searching period where I tried to understand my own inclinations.I have not been lucky to take any more breaks from my career,but I know for sure once I reach a saturation point with my career path,I am going to be idle.
Idleness is the stepping stone to success(A promising Zen Saying)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Neuroscience and Spirituality

This short video (at TED) by the neurologist V.S Ramachandran explains the ancient philosphical models of our Indian Civilization.
What science could answer only now was contemplated thousands of years ago by Eastern philosophy....