Sunday, October 29, 2006


Wahan kaun hai tera ..
Musafir ...
Tu jayega kahan??
Dum le..lee gadi bar
Wahan kaun hai tera
Musafir ..
Tu jayega kahan??
Beeth gaye din ...
Pyaar ke panchi..
Sapna bani woh raatein
Bhool gaye woh ..
Tu bhi bulade..
Pyaar ki woh mulaketan
Sab duri aur andhera
Musafir ...
Tu jayega kahan?
Dum le lee.. gadi bar ..
Tu jayenga kahan..
Wahan kaun hai tera …………
Koi bhi teri raha na dekhae
Nayan bichai na koi
Dard se tera koi na tadpa
Aankh kiski na roi
Aankh kiski na roi
Kahin kisko tu mera
Kahin kisko tu mera
Musafir tu jayenga kahan??
Dum le lee gadi bar
Yeah chaya tu paayee ga kahan
Tu jayega kahan??
Kahte hain gyani
Duniya hain pani
Pani pe likhi likhai
Hey sab ki dekhi
Hey sab ki jaani
Haath kisiki na aayee
Haath kisiki na aayee
Kuch tera na mera
Tu jayega kahan
Dum le lee gadi bar
Tu jayega kahan???
Tu jayega kahan???
Wahan kaun hai tera....

This is one of my all time favourite songs.It is song sung by S.D.Burman.It is the title song in the movie Guide..The one thing I like about this song is the wisdom hidden in the song.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lyrics of the wonderful song...This song moved me right from my school days...I guess this was one of the very few movies where the trasformation from novel to celluloid was perfect...
--Ramakrishna Vedantam

yo said...

i would be more than happy to get this song online ( mp3 download will be gr8 )

sucharit said...

This is my all time fav song of all time too :). Thanks for the lyrics...
Though I think you are wrong on one line
Instead of 'Pyaar ke panchi' it is 'Pyaar ke pal chhin'

telemachus said...

wrong on another line -
kehte hain gyani, duniya hai phani (not pani)
pani pe likhi...