Thursday, October 19, 2006

Post Traumatic Stress

When the moments pass we think the trouble is over.Our mind can keep most of our stressful reactions ingrained in our subconscious.It is like a small part of our mind gets moulded to give the same reaction again and again under stressful conditions.We can change the way we react to situations and evolve a new circuitry for our impluses.This requires awareness.It also requires confrontation of the fear deep inside of us.We have to slide to the roots of the fear and shatter it.One of the methods used is flooding.To go back to the painful situation and turn yourself from a victim to the one in control.It is quite painful to go back miserable memories which torment us.But it is possible to change perceptions and it is also possible for us to heal.
“Be like the headland against which the waves break and break: it
stands firm, until presently the watery tumult around it subsides once
more to rest. ‘How unlucky I am, that this should have happened to
me!’ By no means; say, rather, ‘How lucky I am that this has left me
with no bitterness; unshaken by the present, and undismayed by the

Marcus Aurelius

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