Thursday, December 27, 2007

Everything is a belief

Everything is a belief
I examined all my motives
I am conditioned to behave in certain ways
I change and I dont know what I am going to become
Everything I believe feels real
My dreams are also real
The Germans invaded my bedroom and shot fifteen bullets
I pretended to be dead...but they could not be deceived
I dont say beliefs are real or unreal
I just say that Everything is a belief...
The poem sucks...but has a deep meaning somewhere(I hope it has)

Monday, December 10, 2007

What made me grow

All people cringe at the idea of having to deal with difficult people.But those are the real people who help us grow.Our enemies give us a chance to develop nonviolence.Their hate gives us a chance to develop patience and love.People who cheat you,are the people who teach you what honesty is.The un-ethical teach you to walk on the path of righteousness.
Most of the time I write testimonials to people who are good to me.
But today I want to thank .....all my enemies,the people who hate me,people who cheated me and let me not forget all the people who have abused me.

Friday, December 07, 2007

One step away from fanatism

Every method ,every theory,every belief and every experince ,which we follow can become a bondage.A method may liberate you and the next second you own it.. it creates its own bondage.
According to Osho we may give up attachment to worldly desires and become attached to other worldly objects such as a kind of meditation,a personal God .....

Once we use a technique to achieve something lets remember to throw it away and forget it.If we are not careful we also fall in the same class of religious fundamentalists.Once the inner world gets impure it slowly manifests itself in the outer world through out actions

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Indian Education System

No other country in the world would be making as many blunders as the Indian education system makes.We still follow the British system.The British have left but our minds are still chained to the inferiority that they cultivated in us.Vedas should be taught in Indian schools.Vedic mathematics,astronomy,science and philosophy should be included in the syllabus along with the western invasions.I have added three videos about the vedas which show the superiority of the knowledge we possessed in the past.The Aryan theory of invasion was also devised to prove that Indians were fools.But even the Pythagoras theorem was discovered in India 300 years before Pythagoras was born.He came down to ganges and learnt it.All the famous theoritical physicists like Heisenberg and others have been influenced by Advaita Vedanta.The principle of uncertainity can be easily derived from Advaita Vedanta.I once heard that Kautilya's Arthasastra is being used at Harvard.Kamasutra is the only one which gets the popularity.But there are various other sutras which have lot of knowledge hidden in them.
Its high time the world gives back the dignity of innovation which they took away from India some centuries ago.

When the lake speaks to you

I had attended the vipassana meditation course at Kaufman Texas.It was a beautiful experience.There is so much of information available on the technique online ,that even if I mention a single word suggesting how it works,its a waste of space and time.There is so much of intellectual information which gets processed daily.Its so strange when a real situation arises when you have to apply all the elegant theories you have learnt ...the mind does not listen.It just goes on and on with some tangent and produces a trail of bad emotions.I suffered the first two days in the same way trying to grab and control my unstable mind.I offered it my intellectual solace,the teachers kind words ,my anger,my love...everything ..but nothing happened...I gave up.I decided that controlling is not meditation.Domination is not meditation.Its self hypnosis.On the third day I sat during the lunch break near a beautiful lake for a long time.Everything was silent.There was no sound,no movement ,perfectly still..I could look at the surface and see how everything was quiet and beautiful and that instant I knew how to meditate.Its so strange I went to vipassana course to calm my mind using their technique and nature intervenes and teaches me the "zen" way or the "lake" way

What is compassion

Buddha was the most compassionate being that the earth could produce.One of the stories which gives us a glimpse of his nature is given below:
Once there was a man who came and spat on Buddha.His disciples were angered at this behaviour.Buddha wiped his face and said to the man,"Thank you sir.You created a context in which I could see whether I can still be angry or not.And I am not and I am tremendously happy.And you created a context for Ananda to see his anger.Many thanks,we are so grateful.Once in while please,you are invited to come.Whenever you have an urge to spit you can do it on us.

The man was shocked, he could not sleep whole night.He felt the way Buddha was grateful.The "Thank you" came from his heart directly it was not a formality.The next day he went to Buddha to ask for forgiveness.Buddha was seated near the Ganges.He showed the man the river how everything was flowing.Twenty four hours you are carrying it.Forget all about it.I cannot forgive you because I was not angry with you.If I was angry I would have forgiven.Go fall on the feet of Ananda he will be happy.

Our reactions to a particular action is the measure of our compassion.