Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Responsibility has its own rewards.Not all works are glamorous or profitable.Some actions make us look ordinary.Actions which have to be repeated again and again ,which are boring,the rewards not visible for instant gratification.But whenever we perform a task which is part of our duty as a human/a wordly
being or a outcome of our own life purpose,there is deep joy even when
we don’t see the rewards.It just feels right to do it.May be others
may not appreciate or applaud us.No one may even notice.But doing the
action, is the greatest reward.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What we see

Similarity and differences lies in the eye of the seeker.Depending on what our mind expects, we look for specific things in others.We choose what we want to see...We try to look at how the other person is different,when we are scared of others.When there is similarity,we are filled with love.It is still a paradox,as how we blame others for what we see in them.When the bowl is impure ..even if holy water is poured in turns muddy.What ever we miss in our life we search for it in others.May be trying to be self sufficient will reduce our own judgemental projection of biases.
Mirroring is one of the ways through which we fulfill our deepest desires.Psychologists say that through mirroring we can cover our deepest scars which life has given us.But to find people who mirror what we want and not take advantage of our vulnerability is very difficult.Mind is also looked upon as a mirror.
Can we be our own mirrors and give necessary affection and care for own well being?
I guess the highest love is self-love.To accept ourselves and not get scared of who we are.