Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I visited Parivaar 2 years ago.It was such a inspiration to meet people who genuinely cared about children and their needs.

Parivaar ( www.parivaar.org )is listed on Give India, a very reputed fundraising interface. Give India is having a special event called 'India Giving Challenge' and for 40 days it will match each donation that an organisation raises from amongst its supporters. The period which started from 8th of September will go on till 20th Oct. So if a person donates x amount to Parivaar (through Parivaar's page on Give India site) during this period, it shall be matched with an equal amount and will effectively become 1.91x (a small part is retained by Give for its transaction processing charge).

Last year Parivaar won this contest and emerged as the highest funds-collecting organisation from amongst hundred plus participant organisations. We won about Rs 20 Lacs extra as prizes for this contest.

Donations are welcome during the course of this week (19th to 25th September). That will enable Parivaar to win a Speical Weekly prize in this period.

Our page, from where one can donate, is at :


I wanted to request you all to make a donation (any amount 1k, 2k, 5k, 10k)) through Give India to Parivaar so that it effectively doubled. It will be matched by Give India, and we want to take our fund-collection to 50 Lacs by 20th October.


The most important aspect of leadership is respect . Its not what the group members offer the chosen leader,its what the leader offers the group members.Its not easy to be respectful of people who have flaws.Every human is a imperfect being going towards perfection.
How to respect other people is a lesson, I don't think they teach in management schools.I somehow am amazed, at how my mind is stuck on its own beliefs and refuses to respect other's opinions.May be I belong to the old school, when I say the leader's intention guards the well being of the group.When a person really cares about others , the dormant potential just rises up.

To have respect for our enemies takes us a long way.