Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spiritual companionship

As humans we need support to continue on the path.Interdependence of life makes us,form a circle of people who motivate and inspire us to go forward.The goal of spirituality is to realize the divinity in everything.To view everything from the same source.There are huge paradoxical events which arise,when you belong to a spiritual community.The first thought which hits you,is that..."You are special".
You start noticing how the world works and how un-spiritual people are.Everyone is materialistic and somehow on the opposite side of divinity.Its another ego high/trip which I guess we have to enjoy.The downfall happens right afterwards,when we are stuck to spend most of the time with the so called un-spiritual people.Differences always exist.Conformity will kill humanity.

The solution would be to get rid of the idea that we are special, because we are spiritual.To dispose ideas and make the ego take a beating is painful.

The alternative solution would be to disperse the wisdom and make them special like you.I always think the second alternative is fun.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ideal World

Idealism is one of the driving forces of the illusions we form of the world around us.The world we create can never be segregated into black or white.There are shades of grey which always make our life difficult.Idealism is like permanent happiness...

Permanent happiness is never possible.Our childhood mostly creates fantasies of the idealistic world in our minds.We feel hurt when the practical never matches the ideal.One of the main concerns which keeps the misery going that..."We demand and feel that we deserve a ideal world."
So we keep dreaming that when I achieve this or do that... the world will somehow turn into fairy land which was conceived,when we were 10 years old.
The world does not owe us anything...It does not owe us an ideal world...