Monday, October 02, 2006


What is the one thing which drives you to achieve what you want?


Constantly we see our own negative points and wish only if we could change ???Effort does not lead to any positive result.The biggest motivator is pain.Not pleasure,money,fame or any other kind of self satisfying desire.We need to want it so badly that it troubles you to the extent that you change yourself.I have been struggling with so many new changes in my life and they would have never materialized if there was no pain.If there was misery in my life I have driven myself to see peace and embrace it.The guilt and the shame of my own emotional being has motivated me to do something.The working of motivation always works from inside out.The inner being should have a marked change in perspective and a shift in consciousness or else the change will be momentarily marked change is to change the inner most ingrained behavior and attitude.
Consistency and positive affirmation goes a long way in what we become.Every single time we make a wrong choice which goes against our best interests there is a small part of you which burns itself to death.When we violate and cause harm to ourselves we are giving rise to self hate.This shows in various ways in our life in the way we address our hopes ,desires and puts deep wrinkles in our forehead as we grow old.
But we dont know the true from the false by just reading bunch of books or by looking at others life..the soul has to go through the journey then we realize the potential we have in ourselves to achieve greatness and reach the plane when everything we do is like a ripple starts from you ...doing good ..and then spreads itself in all directions to help humanity...the nature and on whole the vast world..All great people have achieved it through the tools of honesty,belief,ability to bear failure and constant struggle to hold truth in their hearts...

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