Monday, November 27, 2006

My art...

I always wanted to be a painter.But as life would have its way..i am an electrical engineer.But I still thought I could make it..But creativity in me is dying..I dont know how...A slow death..Past few months I am not able to paint at all..After many months of desperation I was finally able to get my artistic ability to produce something worthwhile...It was all possible because of few online websites which gives people like me a chance to experiment ..or to prevent a part of creativity from dying..
Here is the link....

1.Love and only love

2.Wild flowers..

3.White and orange bloom

4.Wine and only wine


Anonymous said...

When i started reading your blog, I kept on searching for something, which was reality, but at the end The best thing I could witness in this was your "ABOUT ME" area, where you have talked about searching destination, and purpose of life.
I really appreciate the reality, but I would like to tell you to include not the articles of some author you liked, but instead pen down your learnings from that article" for example on relationship,
Try writing your learnings, as they will act as the milestone for making you reach the desired road.
Remember, its not always the search that is important but also the search on right direction, I mean your efforts must always be in correct direction.
So making myself very clear what I wish to offer,
You can contact me at

astrocrazy2005 said...

I appreciate the effort you have taken to read my blog. :)
I have written my own incidents and thoughts in other posts {A lot of them)...
I decided to include some other articles because I felt they were highly inspirational...