Friday, November 24, 2006

Dont carry it forward...

This post is partially inspired by the post I read on Libran Lover blog.

We live our lives sometimes stuck in the memories of the past.We tend to think every single person is the same.Each time someone wrongs us ,takes us for a ride we tend to imagine that others will do the same.History may repeat itself..Only if we dont learn from our mistakes.The next person who comes along after the bad stuff is the target of our hatred sometimes.They shower us their love and affection but the only thing we give them back is painful memories.This cruelity is sometimes actually a protective sheild so that we dont get too close to the person.To me personally ,it takes for ever to wipe out the anger and hatred .It stagnates in my heart and makes me turn sometimes into a monster.But after self examination and tons of sorry's I have distributed to my friends I have realised that we need to let go of perfection from our parts .We make mistakes and that is human .We tend to meet wrong people and still make them enter our closed spaces.But we learn ..We judge ..We surrender and hope that love will cancel the hate.That the enemy who destroyed us will suffer the pangs of hate they created in us.We forgive and we never carry it forward.Find a good day and bury all the memories in the soil so that nature can work its wonders and make life spring out of it!!!

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