Saturday, November 04, 2006

faltering steps...

I find everyone around me talking about stability in their lives and careers .According to them it is the unseen safe future where nothing becomes an obstacle for human existence.Everything is a smooth walk towards the ever so happy gleaming future.Our existence, now this moment is a fanatic preparation for the glorious future.What if our lives end as this very single moment.This single moment becomes the end of our preparation.I have always lived a goal oriented life .My goals were defined by the materialistic needs of my future.

The new definition of a goal which I discovered "is that it is not a specific destination but a way of life."

I have realised the power of the unknown.
I dont want to ruin this perfect moment thinking about all the unknown difficulties of the future.
I dont want to take life seriously .
I want to slip into the unknown.
I dont want to plan ahead my whole life.
I dont want that life should turn out exactly as my silly mind think's at this very moment.

The catch with this kind of philosophy is that there are no second guess's as there are no far and wide plans.

Then as any orgainsed person would !!! interrupt my logic...
How do you achieve something when you dont plan ahead?

Deep within our hearts there lies a hidden glow .This symbolic light is the light of knowledge.It is the purpose with which we have been born in this crazy mixed up world.But it is very difficult for us to find the destination because continously we control ourselves and dont give a small opening for the uncertainity to peak in.Many times life itself pushes this uncertainity by giving us miseries and life changing obstacles.As we suffer under the torture of the circumstance,we learn to surrender.We learn to just flow with life rather than make our own plans.Then the goals(as previously defined)continously change and are made by our own choice.Can this goal change our destination and turn the eternal cycle upside down...

Yes!!!we torment ourselves and we imprison ourselves...We hold on to so much when our palms are so small..

Let us not blame the ever changing tides for our misfortune ..
Let us not take our wrath on mother nature
Let us not search for happiness through the world
When it can be found in the hidden depths of our hearts.

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