Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No second chances...

In the commandments this is what is written..
You can break against the law...but the law never breaks...

So many times I see people trying to organise their lives by getting a number of succesful achievements under their belt.But I believe that the foundation is the most important thing.Any success is hollow if it is done by using the wrong way.You can never have a honest dealing with yourself ,if you cheat someone else.Life is a circle ..that was one of the quotations used by my friend.According to him you keep zero-ing on the same situation again and again till you get it right.

You keep feeling guilty for all the people you wronged.You need to pay a price for all the mistakes you made.Everything is put up on scales for judgement.

This is where the difficult part comes in.Life does not give you so many chances.The determination and influence of your mind in carving out your life is important.When you dont acheieve this ...life stagnates.Your happiness becomes a distant dream.