Monday, November 27, 2006

Pavlov's experiment

This experiment was one of the important foundations in psychology.It desribed the unconditioned responses and deep impulses we have as living beings.I have myself found that in many instants we use these responses.I am not one of those people who studies psychology,but as a hobby I do read much of the interesting literature available.
Reflex action is one of the response which nature has given us to protect ourselves from danger.There is also the fight or flight phenomena which we use when we are in danger or high stress.But what I find is interesting is that many of the activities which we do on daily basis becomes a conditioned response.For example switching on the television once you enter the room.Hunger pangs as you return home .These responses are very difficult to be broken.I do suffer from short span of attention only when I watch television, but other times when I need prolonged concentration at work or for my school work(master's)I dont have any diversions.This find for myself is so scary because we cannot control our own moods or reactions for many situations if we dont analyse who we are regularly.

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