Saturday, November 29, 2008

The hole in your soul

there is always something missing in our lives.When will contentment come.Will it ever come.May be contentment is an illusion.As long our life exists I guess there will always be a hole which needs to be fulfilled by soem desire or the other.


Anonymous said...

"The hole" is basically unfulfilled desire that in turn leads to karma which gives birth to hope....and that I guess is life.

I luv the way you think.

VJ said...

Hi Preethi,

Contentment does seem to be an illusion. But so is the hole, I think. Once one hole disappears another one pops out :-) When we fully accept the present state of ourselves and the world around us, all the illusions should vanish. I think everything is already there within us. Very easily said by the intellectual mind, right? Yet to experience that state :-)

BTW my name is Vijay. I am a new to your blog. Wish you a happy weekend!