Sunday, November 02, 2008


Auden wrote:
"O God put away justice and truth for we cannot understand them and do not want them.Eternity would bore us dreadfully.Become our uncle.Look after baby,amuse grandfather,introduce Muriel to a handsome officer.Be interesting and weak like us and we will love you as we love ourselves."

Our human existence is marked by the pursuit of power.The God's we pray to, are powerful.We like only God's who can slay a million devils with a single blow.We don't like weak people.The weak people are the evil people(demons/evil forces) who get defeated by strong people(God)
Worship in most religions is the prayer for power.We want to get promotions so that our fellow employees can be looked down upon.Want a bigger car so that we look with pity on the homeless.Pursuit of power through prayer,money,status,education and work is defined as success in the modern world.We all become powerful from the inside and the outside world.But the most important thing is how we use the power.I am not going to be a simplistic moralist who says power should be used for the good.But to me the true test is how we handle the power.When the power is used to manipulate,the greatest losses occur.When the course of nature is changed we always are doomed.


Samhita said...

good mention.

the ancient indian schools of thought, emphacized on 'yama' and 'niyama' most as much as the remaining limbs of yoga.

the above mentioned two limbs call it 'purifying the character'; without which any higher practices or knowledge would make the man worse because there are holes those drain energy. i have observed it in myself in nascent.

for example this places a very abrasive requirement on a person who can be a Guru. Accepting some one without even basic Brahmacharya(abstinence included. no punk alternatives of Osho et al.) as Guru can dangerously affect the seeker.

what i like with you is your ability to put whatever comes to your thought. and what violently slashes me is you make concoction of yoga and quite punk-philosophy ;-)

astrocrazy2005 said...

I dont want to be branded into any particular school of philosphy.I work with instinct...Wow ...But Punk philosphy ..that sounds cool...

Samhita said...

well.. i wasn't labeling you. if the comment has no relevance-not even a close tangent, you can ignore it.

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