Saturday, November 29, 2008

Emotional Help

Emotional help is seen as the best kind of support you would give someone you care about.Lately I have realized that doing it every time, we harm the person rather than help them.I have always observed that in myself and others,that when we don't mature and evolve we repeat the same mistakes again and again.
For example:
If a person has a problem confronting someone and redefining what they want...
"You do it for them"
It may boost your self esteem or make you feel proud that you are taking good care.But your help has actually left them with nothing to work on.If they fall into the same situation again,if I have self esteem issues or if I find my personal value comes from helping them ...I go and solve the problem..This is a vicious circle and this kind of dependency leaves no space for personal growth.Support should be in giving pointers not solving the problem.

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Brain Soup said...

Yup, you cant live some one else life for them.! but you can be there for them when they need someone.. frankly no one needs any help but what to do!! we r all neurotic beings and some times as u said there is no harm in asking or takeing help..