Friday, May 07, 2010

Social Reform

Other than having interest in social entrepreneurship,my life long ambition is to be a part of the social reform process in India.I never knew the deep diseases which the Indian society suffered till I stepped into the realm of higher education in India.This is a common sight among lot of professional colleges in India,where there is a steady influx of all classes of society(lower,upper and middle)
If higher places of education have so many problems,it really shocks me even to think the problems faced by the dalits in the improvershied areas.

The upper class maintaining its strong hold on wealth,were no different than the lower and middle class.They suffered the same bias.The engineering classes became a lecture in tribal hierarchy formed by the so called "mini adults".I call them mini adults as they reflect the environment in their homes.As I studied in Hyderabad,I can write more clearly about the problems which trouble the girls there.I was outcast(I am a Tamilian!!!! and to add another layer of discrimination a veggie loving Iyer)
Dowry,skin color discrimination,second rate citizenship on basis of gender and to be treated as if "being born as a girl was a curse !!!!!!" was few of the things which I could see as on a regular day to day basis.
A assistant professor in Electrical Engineering coming to the class and encouraging the boys to study more hard so that they can fetch more dowry in the future.(The college I studied was branded No 1 that year for Elec Engg...)
The problem which bothers me even now(so many years after I have graduated) that those girls thought it was normal to be treated badly.Their hope lied in getting married, giving birth to sons and redeem their position in the male dominated world...I could see how female feticide was a big problem clearly after I heard these reasons...(Rajasthan had the highest number of female feticides in the last decade)
This is one of the things I love about USA...People get treated most of the times(99.9%) as a equal.I dont see any discrimation on such a deeper level like India.Workplaces and educational institutions command respect and the professors behave with maturity.There may be a random bad fruit in the bunch,but on the whole "HUMAN DIGNITY IS PRESERVED"...

The question remains

It bothers me..
Why should it bother me...
When it does not bother those girls..???
Change comes from within ...It cannot be forced...
Is social revolution possible in India???


Found this video ...A debate on skin color NDTV(We The People)
Not just skin deep prejudice

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