Thursday, May 06, 2010

Moral Principles

In olden days "Religion" was a mixture of legal code,medicine,idle superstitions,wise direction and dirty politics.In recent times, we do see a division of all these disciplines in a country.The lines between all these divisions are blurred and for a ignorant few,they don't even exist...

To solve our moral dilemmas using ancient texts would be wrong move.Firstly,they may have value in their era.Once these texts have been displaced to our time,they lose their contextual laws.Trying to use Laws of Manu(in the case of women rights) in recent times, would be a grave mistake.Like a river washing away ancient debris,moral debates should be solved with fresh perspective.They should consider the socio-political and economic conditions of the present time.Historical texts should not be discarded,but they may be used as a pointer to better alternatives.

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Aaand... We are glad you approve of it. :)