Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Unlearning Curve

Education gives you knowledge for a particular skill.It makes you a specialist in a field.Gives you a comfy job,by which you make a living.

Wisdom on the other hand does not depend on these narrow limitations.It cannot be taken for granted that a person who has degrees from the best university,highest number of letters has the most amount of wisdom.It is such a difficult unlearning curve for me.I take it for granted that... Education= Wisdom.A poor person ,a person who is illiterate,a person who begs on the street may still have the wisdom which I lack.Kabir was an illiterate weaver.

Why is it so difficult for me to love tribal music?

Why does the melody which stirs my heart is refused by my mind... as not good enough???

Why did mythology which has so many avenues to wisdom was rejected by my scientific mind for such a long time??

What conditioned bias do I hold inside me which refuses the divinity of tribal gods and embraces the modernity of sophisticated philosophical theories??

Only time can help me unravel my own difficulties of accepting the vast manifestations of creativity which lies in each of us.


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