Thursday, March 25, 2010


Balancing everyday work with spiritual discipline is difficult.One way to look at this problem is to apply spiritual principles to everyday actions.That is a far cry for many of us,who have yet to master taming our own thoughts.Actions are secondary to thoughts.Lot of energy is wasted thinking about useless things and getting tangled in negative thoughts.The circle of past,present and future also haunts us to an extent making our day to day existence miserable.
My goal for a long time was to meditate two hours a day.It is not a lofty goal.... It is achievable.I manage only one hour per day.I miss out on few days... sometimes few weeks because of work/stress etc.When ever I feel too tired to meditate..I watch this video...
Video of Marathon monks(Japanese Buddhist Monks)

Sometimes just plain inspiration can remove all our discomfort.

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