Sunday, March 21, 2010

India - Documentary Archives

There are so many popular documentaries when it comes to the western world.They have archived all their knowledge in a feasible,logical manner.
India on the other hand is lacking because of the manner in which ancient knowledge has been archived.There are no popular documentaries which can vouch for the greatness of the ancient philosophical/logical system.There is a huge vacuum which needs to be filled with data from the latest research in all fields pertaining to the life of the ancient people.Mythology on the other hand has got some exposure from the mega - soap opera directors.But they have just scratched the surface.Where are the videos/books on popular Indian philosophers?What about great Indian mathematicians?
Even when I was in school,only western inventions were pushed on me.There is a need for greater awareness through print media,research and knowledgeable documentaries.

There was a article(which I read...will try to post the link) which described how Indians did not record history.They believed in a cyclic life and thought that you did not need to record something which will happen again.But Indian literature is a good filler for the lack of ancient Indian history.What I dream about is a scholarly treatment of ancient material.I am tired of watching ancient myths enacted with modern interpretations in dress,weaponry and lifestyle.I want the filmmakers to respect the intelligence of the viewer.I am sure the average Indian viewer can gulp down some serious tale rather than the regular song and dance routines.May be new market research should be done on the average Indian viewer.


Anonymous said...

I am not expert but would add the following comment: Ancient Indian research have been used as foundations to build up research in many areas like math, statistics, probability, astronomy etc. When the new theories get established, the old ones become obsolete. For example, who is interested now in the invention of zero (or discovery?). One may argue that there is no need to because mathematical relations seem to be rigid and unquestionable. Only music stands apart. Many raagas are still in use. Even if western influence is there, the melody remains the same, with reference to appropriate documents. The whole point has to be to get into all the research and do a big clean up. I am sure, if one does a clean up work by investigating ancient Indian works, lots will go to garbage but some when identified and presented to world again, will be precious. Then we can identify who was a real philosopher and who was interested to just prove his class.

Anonymous said...

This is a right example of how to present educative materials to those who research:

What is the use in writing about climate change and global warming on hindu and indian express? We may need to start to use ebooks and e-libraries.

Anonymous said...

Please check Philosopher Joanne Macy's lecture

sankalp said...

i am skeptical abt d average indian viewer ...