Sunday, March 28, 2010

Becoming Civilized

I remember my teenage years and also my pre- work years.When as a idealist I saw no differences in people with respect to race,gender or wealth.To me the potentiality latent in every human was so vast.I knew it deep in my heart that everyone was unique and life has to give someone the gift of opportunity and people will deliver with the highest standards in any field.Now that I have entered the work force and become a part of a societal construct, every single day my idealism's are being challenged.I love my job and enjoy every bit of it.But I do see inconsistencies when I compare my benefits with others in a less ideal world.People struggling to see life in a more positive way humbles any person, who are caught in the circle of pride.To have the courage to stick to the same principles with which, I began to introspect into my nature of human existence is a tough job.Sometimes I feel these ideals just slip away and I feel empty.There are other times when I am caught up in my own personal existence that I don't remember the bigger picture.But may be these are the acid tests for every idealist.To find solutions to complicated problems and remember what each of us started with.The beginning shall never be forgotten.

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