Wednesday, June 03, 2009


We all have physical limitations.We all have to grow old and suffer in the hands of nature.We all have to perish at the hands of time.The way we are proud of our own strengths,we should be aware of our limitations.

Few of them can be changed...
Some of them can never be changed.We need to realign our life so that we can live with that.

Limitation is the biggest ego buster.The moment we find out that we are limited in some way or the other our ego takes a hard knock.Some people start searching for ways to fill the void.We start developing other qualities which would make us unique.Limitation should never be seen as a curse.Once we are aware of our limitation we are humbled automatically.Accepting limitations allowed me to grow into a better human being.I started appreciating what I had, rather than crib endlessly of how life was unfair.Confessing our limitations to others builds trust in our relationships.When we confess our weakness to people we mistrust then it becomes Achilles heel.

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