Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Do we need to give up material comforts and a career to achieve any sort of spiritual meaning in our life.
It has been romanticized so much by ancient literature.If anyone knows that you are doing meditation,then they assume that you are going to end up in the forest.I had come across a group of meditators who were ridiculing people who do a Phd.Spiritual growth is tied to the fact that we find the ultimate meaning behind our illusions.For some people doing a Phd may be a spiritual path.They may have to face lot of struggles during which,they may evolve.For some people the path would be to live in isolation.We expect that spiritual life should be a certain way.We are imposing our own belief of spiritual life on ourselves and others.The same thing applies when we follow a particular spiritual path.We expect all the spiritual people we encounter to behave exactly the way we want them to behave.Our expectations can never change the way nature works.People are not going to accomdate our beliefs.

Each path is unique and we can choose any way to attain the truth.A spiritual path may not need that we compromise everything in our life.It also does not mean that we torture ourselves with pain and suffering.It only needs a open mind and heart which can accept the way things are,without super imposing our own beliefs on it.If a individual feels that sacrifice would help in their spiritual practice,then they should do that.Spiritual lives of others/enlightened people can never become a measuring stick for our life.We can get inspired,but we cannot imitate.

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VJ said...

Meditators making fun of Phds? I am surprised to hear that. But Phds also make fun of metaphysical concepts. It comes from misunderstanding of the other group. Both groups should realize that Siddhartha was the first scientist who systematically made his observations on a problem, sought advice on all existing solutions (philosophies), then adopted his own technique of deep introspection in isolation, and came with a practical feasible solution to his problem. He should have been given many Phds or Nobel prizes for his contribution. He is an example who stands in the area intersecting both metaphysics and science :-) I know that meditation is to embrace your true self. A scientist should become a good scientist after meditation. A runner should become a good runner after meditation. Meditation does not mean to stop thinking fully or stop working hard or stop being creative. Meditation is to make one more aware of himself and his actions. I hope the meditating friends will meditate deeply on this thought. Instead of criticizing other approaches,we should in fact be happy that different people are trying different things and should have friendly discussions :-)