Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hidden Agenda

The words are just a facade to our own illusions
If only the sun brightly followed us into the depth of our minds and our hearts
What misery do we discover which can shake our faith
What treachery do we discover that can break our ties
These agendas like shadows follows us everywhere
This wretched truth that I search.. Is it for the pursuit of fame and glory?
This seeking that I have in my heart is it to become superior to my own neighbour
The rains have flooded my memories with despair
The lightning have caused more fear
I need to pull out these weeds from my garden
Now is not the right time?My mind screams...
The rains have destroyed everything I own
In hope I wait for the torch of truth the break of dawn
When all the events shine in perfect glory...
With honesty and patience I am going to pull
Every thought that has corrupted my mind
In silence, I sit now in darkness
Counting the moments which will sway me into light
From moment to moment I sail on this empty boat
Waiting to get past this horror of examining my own soul


Vini The Pooh said...

nice.. but it doesn't quite rhyme, does it? :D

Karthik Soundarajan said...

after all that we have understood you still insist on hateing one part of your dreams while you like the other.

The sad part is unlike a computer where one program can be made to delete the other programs, the mind does not come with a delete program or a mechanism. In irony if you sit down thinking you will delete it you will only write more programs around it, rerouting all the other programs to this one code that then becomes so well connected that it inadvertently becomes the master program, that eventually starts running the other path ways.

It becomes the character and trait of the individual.

In that situation we have not much to do but to understand we cant erase our thoughts and we can only see them as a harmless reaction to situations out side.!

I dont know if thats even clear.