Monday, March 16, 2009


The feeling of powerless-ness is the most miserable feeling we can feel in our lives.It is the price we pay of being human.But we as part of humanity are powerless over lot of the circumstances.Political/economic scenarios,wars etc..can cause us much grief even though we are not involved.

Once we realize powerlessness,we also learn how to surrender.Everyday we surrender our lives to lot of people.We place our trust on the educational system,have faith on the security provided by the nation,have faith on our family...It is very difficult to have faith on something which we are not sure of.
But is it possible to surrender our lives to any higher power???

If any higher power exists,how do we know that it is not an illusion.I guess,that's the problem ,the more philosophical/spiritual we become,everything starts looking perfect and we don't question them.The drawback is everything starts looking spiritual.There is nothing wrong in connecting spirituality to everything..But the amount of energy which is used to introspect and analyze drives us crazy.I try to see it as a war between common sense and fanaticism.Even though surrender is very important to start learning any technique,the obsession with it leads us in the wrong way.I guess the middle way is the best.

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