Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beyond the mind

Is it possible to go beyond the mind?
Its a very difficult to imagine how we can go beyond the mind,if mind is the device which records where we are.
Is it a metaphor for ignoring our mind?
So if enlightenment occurs does our mind record the fact that we are enlightened.Looking at the people who claim to be enlightened,most of them remember their spiritual awakening.
What if enlightenment is also an illusion.
May be the day I start believing that,I may stop writing this blog.


Anonymous said...

Illusion or not, I had always believed enlightenment is a faux.
The kinda enlightenment that we all read about i.e.. the trance, spiritual awakening and whatnots.

Maybe because I get hyper-irritated when I read about the adyashantis, the ramana maharshis... their accounts of enlightenment.. how they were suddenly surrounded by a glow.. how certain miracles happened.

I find it hard to believe sm1 else is more special than me to have suddenly blessed with miracles..

Furthermore, Spiritual awakening might not ev1 be enlightenment.
I find it ridiculous for sm1 to just wake up one fine morning and /think/ that they know it all.

Enlightenment mite not ev1 be a know-it-all. That's impossible.
Perhaps, we shud define enlightenment as the level of knowledge a certain individual has w.r.t a stuff that interests him.

That way, enlightenment is defined relative to the common man and every ind-uh-vidual is enlightened in his own way. Which, makes a lot more sense, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

is there anything other than your mind? if there is nothing other than your mind, where does this "enlightenment" reside?
Enlightenment is not an awakening that happens in a day. it is a slow realization of the nature of oneself and the "things other than oneself".