Friday, March 06, 2009


Do we shed away our faith as we grow older and learn from life.On what do we have faith in the first place.Is faith a pseudo-belief we keep hanging on,as things go bad.Is it a step towards fool's paradise...Sometimes things are really bad and no amount of faith can actually make you feel better.But faith "says" things can become better.

But even to try anything new in life we need to have faith.Even the society works on faith.We have faith that the law can protect us.We have faith in the educational system.We have faith in the people who hire us.We have faith in our friends that they will support us,no matter what happens.
I guess I have faith only on life itself.Somehow I feel life has its own purpose.It has its own needs.

Like how a flower blossoms..spreading its perfume without any concern ,for anyone.There may be no one to appreciate the beauty,no one to enjoy the beautiful fragrance,no one to hold it with blooms..withers..blooms again..
Even if we don't have faith ...we fulfill the purpose.

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