Friday, December 26, 2008

The World and Us

"The mind creates our world"
{I used to always think..its the other way ...
The world was created and then we entered into it

Whenever a desire takes shape within us...It produces a reaction,which we project it outside.
Are there levels of how strong a desire can be?
Is a strong desire called Ambition?
This is where most of the self help make a million dollars.They tell you that there are 10 simple ways to make every desire come true.That seems funny to my mature mind.But I have spent countless hours(when I was younger)reading/revising these great techniques to develop my super-natural abilities.But all the favourable outcomes were forced.Nothing came naturally.That is where I lost all my faith on self help books which tell us that when we change action, everything changes with it.
But the action is made by our thoughts.
But then most of Indian philosophy tells us that all thoughts are false.Our true self lies beyond the mind.

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