Friday, December 26, 2008

Rat Race

I am tired of the rat race
I am not talking about the rat race of corporate world.I am talking about tagging.If you are a Indian you will be quite aware of how we need to define ourselves with these tags ... Best School,Best University,Best Company and the list does not end.It causes so much stress to always aim for the best and try to tag it with your name.
They have been instances when I forget the name of the person but I remember the popular university/company they work for.(I know its a pathetic state..But as a middle class Indian I was trained this way)
Why cant future Indians be trained to aim for below average things.
Its the same thing which repeats itself every time you think of future spouse/children.As if thinking of superior standards was not have to sit and worry about the image of three other people.I feel so happy to meet Indians who are having a different educational background than me.I guess we automatically judge people based on their educational achievements and the company they work for.
When it comes to other nationalities,the talk is always about social life.May be for Indians the lack of social life and higher educational responsibilities ruins our ability to look at each other in any other way.


Gubbi said...

It's not that traditionally Indians were bad at socializing. I think they were good at it.. But the middle class had to pull itself together after so much poverty and the concept of "Competition" went mainstream... They had to make their children well educated and "job worthy" because their earlier generations had seen too much poverty and struggle... education, white collar jobs, provided a new ray of hope to them to escape their ill fated life cycle...

So, I guess the deviation from socialization and towards merit crazy mentality was a necessary evil.

Destination Infinity said...

One more thing that fuels the blind rat race is, no one knows what is quality. The parents assume that the marks scored by their ward reflects his quality. The college think that the placement record reflect their quality. The children think that the amount of money they make is quality. Nobody is bothered about the quality of education, the right opportunity to excel in fields like research etc. This is the biggest drawback that Indians, as a nation have.

Destination Infinity