Wednesday, December 24, 2008

To love unconditionally

I guess any person who says "go and love everyone unconditionally" ....must be playing a cruel joke on you.
But as always being the obedient philosophical student,I decided to try that in my life.I failed miserably.I cannot love anyone unconditionally!!!
The more I tried to love people I hate..the more hatred I developed.I started counting the days when they will be out of my life.Failure is such a hard knock on your head..and to top it off, when you fail in your spiritual endeavors.No one shares your spiritual failures.

Few things I realized about unconditional love are as follows...

I thought unconditional love was like "romantic" love shown in movies ....
You feel so nice,the blissful amazing experience like heaven on earth.Unconditional love does not get defined by our inferior standards of romantic love.The possessiveness,domination and feeling special does not exist.Unconditional love just means that you never expect anything in return.That also means that you don't have to compromise your life and your ideals to make the other person feel better.
unconditional love can be defined as the openess of a person who does not get bothered by the other person.How-ever they are..What-ever they are...It does not matter..
You don't want to give them advice/suggestions...You don't want to prove anything..
You exist with them and know in your heart that they are going to evolve in their own pace.


VJ said...

Could you let us know about your spiritual endeavors, if it is fine with you?

astrocrazy2005 said...

give me ur email id..
I would mail it..
I have also written about it in my blog..

VJ said...

I should not have asked that question without going through your whole blog :-) Your 2-3 years old blog should give me a good idea of your endeavors! Also I like passive observation than listening directly to words :P So let me read now..

Praveen said...

This is 100% possible but its not in "your" control, and no its not beyond, its as spontaneous as nature itself,
It has to happen all by its own, you cannot divide whatever is ...