Thursday, October 16, 2008

Concept of Sin

Who is a sinner and who is a saint...
Are they different?If I rebel against society and don't follow the existing norms I am branded as a sinner.The same sinner would be shown as a saint in a different place with different ideals.Some basic moral values were invented by the society so that people can live in harmony.Monogamy was invented by society so that we can survive as a species.It may not be necessary in the present era,but we still value everything ancient.Underneath all the culture we still are animals and we behave like wild creatures once we are through with following society standards.Laws of the government and the scales of justice are formed by taking the consensus of powerful people.In olden days pushing a woman into fire as a offering was totally fine.But now it has been changed.In the same way murder in some countries are pardonable.Honor killings to be precise.So we all are a step away from rotting in prison.May be the murderers/thieves and other lower forms of society are one step away from becoming morally programmed citizens.Reforms in prisons have always showed that the mind is like clay.It can be shaped into any mold.

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