Thursday, August 28, 2008


Wisdom has its own natural curve..There are no schools which can teach you how to get wise.Growing old makes us wise.The levels may not be the same but it makes everyone little more wiser.But the basic problem comes with conditioning.There is always a internal war going between conditioning and wisdom.The conditioning says you to react to situations taking inputs from the past.But wisdom diverts you in a different way.
Knowledge is also obtained through conditioning.That is the reason a person with a higher degree does not automatically develop wisdom to deal with situations.Knowledge is centered on the application.Wisdom is universal.A wise person may implement their experience into absolutely everything.But a knowlegable person(say for example a electrical engineer) can only work in that particular field.A wise enginner can make feasible solutions without going against nature(Example:Sustainable models). A knowledgable engineer will waste half of earth resources making stupid devices which are upgraded every second.(Example:Cell Phone)

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The Seeker is the Sought. said...

Some how the word sustainable sounds suspicious to me... Recently there was this big hype about Bio-Diesel and hw it will solve a lot of ills! even i was going to plant it in my farm, but the recent news is that they are actually cutting down Rain Forests in Indonesia just to plant these Bio-fuel crops! so what's next use regular Diesel and save the rain forest!!

Farmers in India like in the rich Krishna Basin which is called the Rice bowl of India have stopped planting rice and switched to Bio-Diesel crops, which made the gov bring in a new law that u cant use more than 10% of ur land for Energy crops.

A new law already for something that was going to solve a problem?!! Its seems our mind can only create new problems and never a solution. I doubt if we can actually have sustainable sources for a world population that consumes like pigs and is going to reach 8 billion soon!

The fact is the World has always been sustainable which includes sustaining human life, i dont know whats the squabble about sustaining? What are we sustaining our need or our greed? Frankly i dont mind settling for a decent little cottage some where far off without T.V, loads of useless gadgets and unnecessary "luxurious".