Saturday, August 30, 2008


Advice is supposed to help people.I have got into more problems,giving advice.My intentions are always to provide the right judgment for the situation.But it so happens that it has always backfired.Most of the time we have made up our minds to do what we want.When we ask for a suggestion, we just want the last bit of motivation to take the jump into our own desired path.When I think deeply about giving advice I also feel my insignificance.
Who am I to make decisions for someone else?

Over the years I have also learnt to accept the fact that I really dont know,the right answer.I can give advice on buying a birthday gift.But I somehow feel that giving advice on "life-problems" is scary.
One of the easiest ways of imparting required advice is to start the advice with
"If I was in your situation ....I would have done this..."
This is one of the easiest ways of being responsible while giving advice.You dont tell the person you are going to solve the problem.But you show them a way, that you would have approached it.
The most important thing in giving advice is empathy.Sometimes I have tried to put myself in the persons shoes and walk around and examine what they are going through.This is very helpful when giving advice to a person who is ill.When the body is weak,logic fails.Physical pain is far more stronger than your voice or your actions.
Every person has their own pace and cannot be hurried up.Sometimes not helping someone may be the best help.

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