Thursday, July 31, 2008


When a beautiful flower blooms,somewhere in the amazon forest..Who observes that!!!
Trees which grow for hundreds of years,who notices their birthdays?
But why is that humans have a deep desire to get noticed.Every time we achieve something,we feel dejected ...if we don't get the required credit.Fame is transient and lasts only for a while.Celebrities do everything to hold on to their image.In everyday life people try to get noticed and do everything so that all the people around them keep buzzing their name.

Too many useless friends/relationships,wealth,personality traits and many more attributes can be used to become popular.The desire to get noticed and accepted by the other creates most of the problems.The "other" always effects us.

We wonder what "others" will say about us and we want to be superior to "others".Advertisements,standards set by society(economic and religious),moral values and also our own goals.The only way to kill the others mentality is to become aware of our intentions and motives.Does our desire and motivation come from within us?
Are our intentions worthy enough?
Answers to these questions may shatter away relationships.Personally I still fight with the "other" everyday.I still try to live away my life according to my inner motivation.But still a wave comes along and takes me away to the "others" world...


Anonymous said...

Expectation Always Hurts. People Who do not feel content will have a desire to get noticed or accepted by others. since we are human, sometimes praise is required to boost up or fill up the emptiness. Natural. Yearning for it or going behind to get it is somewhat madness. One way of avoiding this is to dedicate the daily life to god. Maximize the effort on making out the work and minimize the expectation on the others "what they will say".

Vini The Pooh said...

U r getting smwhere nearer to 'objectivism' yet not fully supporting it. I recommend reading 'The fountain head' :))

Destination Infinity said...

We want to be noticed, accepted and praised. We become happy when all the above happens to us. But we also become sad, if it doesnt happen to us. Half the times it does, and rest of the times it doesn't. So we are happy and sad at different times. Thats fair no?

Destination Infinity.

astrocrazy2005 said...

thanks for all your lovely comments..
yes nothing belongs to us..Its just plain pride when we think we are the owners.

yes i will surely read the fountainhead:)

Destination Infinity,
Yes happiness and sadness does reside in the same thing.

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