Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How honest can you get.........

Lately I have been thinking, how instantly we tell "yes" to people around us.May be at work,with family and friends,it becomes easy to mumble a "yes..I will surely do it"
But most of the time I wonder whether we have the capacity to do all that we promise.If you tell "no",then the person will be offended.If you agree to it and not do it..the person gets more offended.In one of the situations,when my friend asked me something,I was honest and told "no".Now we are not on talking terms... and I still stand by my ideals.
I confessed ,my hatred for neatness and order... to my boss.

This may look like professional and personal suicide,but the truth is, I am so relived.I don't want to make promises to anyone.I am tired of faking smiles and giving idle hope to people around me.I confess to my weakness more easily and also praise myself when needed.The doormat attitude of being nice is outdated.I think it takes more courage to say "no" and let no person run over you.Kindness,charity and helping others is important,but our own dharma/duty should be our highest priority.


Anonymous said...

Saying "No" is an art. While saying so, we should be careful that should not offend the person.

Vini The Pooh aka Niranjan Viswakarma said...

Totally agree!

But sadly enuf, Not many can take a blunt reply!!
I guess in the long run, the ind-uh-viduals will understand that the real intention was not to escape from helping, but rather to try and not waste their time; instead they were actually given a choice to get it done from sm1 else... as against accepting the job and not doing it.

But then again, that kinda understanding'll take a lotta time. So a blunt reply'll almost always work against us! :(

astrocrazy2005 said...

yes ,I should learn "art of saying no"

Totally agree with ur comments:)