Saturday, June 14, 2008

What is Maya

Narada once asked Krishna …

Lord, show me Maya…

Few days passed away, Krishna asked Narada to take a trip with him to the desert.

After walking a few miles,Krishna tells Narada that he is thirsty.He asks Narada to fetch some water for him.Narada obliges and starts searching for a house where he can find water for his master.At the distant horizon, Narada could find see a well built house.He knocks on the door..A beautiful young girl opens the door.He gets mesmerized by her beauty.He starts talking to her.As the days pass by ,the talks lead to love.Narada approaches her father and asks his daughters hand for marriage.The father was overjoyed and made him a partner in the family business.As years pass by,Narada and his wife live happily.Narada's life gets filled with happiness.He becomes a proud father of two children.After his father in law passes away,Narada inherits the business and all the associated property.Twelve years roll by and there was a huge flood which strikes the desert.The beautiful house crumbles down.Narada places one of his children on his shoulders,holds the other child's hand and with also holds the hand of the trembling wife.As the force of the water pushes the child who was sitting on the shoulder, a cry of despair arises from Narada's heart.In shock he places his hands on his face and starts crying. His wife and his other child get swept away by the rushing water.
He starts crying wildly and screams for Krishna ….
Krishna appears before him ..He asks Narada whether he could find some water for him.It has been half an hour and Krishna was thirsty.Narada tells Krishna that it was 12 years and not half an hour …Then Krishna says

"This is Maya"


Anonymous said...

ask not "what is maya?". ask "who is maya?"

gp said...

One of my favorite stories!

But was Krishna saying that Maya is useless?

Anonymous said...

Oh!! now can you tell me about the enigma call Mayawati