Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Fear is a natural response.
I think we all need fear to survive.If we are not scared of wild animals or natural calamities we will be hunted and killed by them.Even though the world popularizes foolish ideals of bravery like jumping of bridges or doing dare devil stunts,the real battles in life are completely different.Matters pertaining to principles can storm our life and create a mess.No amount of physical danger which we have experienced and learnt from, can teach you how to face the danger which leaps within us.I can go on expeditions to mountains and amazing forests,but nothing would prepare me once I turn inward.The amount of mistakes, we commit,are far more greater than what we face in the outer reality.Diseases,worries,phobias and other demons which lurk inside us can affect us and the pain we get from them cannot be escaped.

Christopher Reeves in his biography describes how he had the wrong ideas of bravery.As a “superman”,he did all his stunts and was so confident that life could not break him or scare him.A small accident ,when he went for riding bought his life to a stop.


Gagan said...

So well written.. Loved this :)

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