Thursday, June 12, 2008

Insignificance and its Implications

If I die today…it does not make any difference.I am not a pessimist.We are like components in a huge machine.If I die I will get replaced …quite easily.The company where I work,will hire someone else.My desk will be given away...My laptop will also be donated to some poor soul,who has been fighting with a desktop for a long time.My parents will miss me …but time will surely make them forget..The same it is with few of my friends also.

I remember a scene from the movie Matrix…A screen full of numbers..each number is a person…If you disappear,the system doesn't shut down.A new person will take the number.


Anonymous said...

"One can always find a reason for murdering a man. But it is impossible to justify his living."
-- Albert Camus, 'The Fall'

Destination Infinity said...

If a human life is so insignificant, There could not have been souls like Gandhi, Hitler, Churchill and so many other people who made a great impact in civilization.

Destination Infinity.